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Upper Stream of the Risang Waterfall, Khagrachori, Bangladesh

Khagrachori: Places to Visit in the Hill Districts of Beautiful Bangladesh

Khagrachori is one of Bangladesh’s most popular magnificent hill districts, located in the east corner.

Khagrachori, with its ethereal views, popular tourist spots, enchanting waterfalls, and vivid cultural legacy, is a treasure trove of natural beauty just waiting to be discovered. It also offers a cultural richness that can teach you excellent tribal cultures and their food and lifestyle.

In this post, I list a few popular tourist attractions in Khagrachori, including hilltops, waterfalls, a cave, and others. Feel free to check out my other post on the Top 10 Things to Know Before Visiting Beautiful Bangladesh if you are a foreigner.

Sajek Valley

Sajek Valley, known for its panoramic views from the top of a hill, welcomes visitors to observe amazing scenarios from the top of the cloud. It also offers rolling hills and indigenous culture that will help one learn about local populations’ unique lifestyles and cultures.

Sajek Valley, known for its breathtaking views, is around 70 kilometers from Khagrachhari. The voyage typically comprises rented cars or shared jeeps (locally called Chander Gari) organized through local travel agencies. Typically, a jeep can take 6–12 people each, and it is quite a nice journey along the hill tracks of Khagrachori.

Many cottages offer accommodation as well as serve food. You need to book early, as Sajek is quite popular and can be pre-booked for a few days. The cottages offer a picturesque view from the other side, where you will find a balcony made of bamboo and local materials.

Risang Waterfall (Terang Toikalai)

This enchanting waterfall creates a quiet, warm atmosphere amidst thick flora, providing an ideal area to relax and chill. People often slide here from the top since it has a safe angle to do so. You first have to hike down to the main waterfall. Then you can have an adventure towards the upper stream.

The Risang Waterfall is about 20 kilometers from the city and can be reached by rented transport, local buses, or rental vehicles from Khagrachhari town. Khagrachori is usually full of CNGs, battery-driven autorickshaws, and motor vehicles that can take you there through beautiful greeneries.


The Alutila Cave

Explore the enigmatic caverns and tunnels ornamented with fascinating rock formations. A visit to this enthralling cave promises an adventure among nature’s mysteries. The cave is not as long as one can expect since it takes only 10-15 minutes to reach the other side. You need to buy candles or carry a torch to see the inner walls as sunlight does not reach there.

The cave is around 10 kilometers from Khagrachhari town and can be reached by a short drive or rented transportation. Local transportation choices include auto-rickshaws and rented vehicles like CNGs.

Debotar Pukur

This pond provides tranquil surroundings for tourists to unwind, take leisurely strolls, and enjoy the serene ambiance. This tranquil pond is located approximately 5 kilometers from Khagrachhari town. It is easily accessible by rickshaws, cabs, or other local transportation.

Hazachora Waterfall

This picturesque waterfall cascades gracefully from a height and provides a refreshing escape. Visitors can enjoy the captivating appearance and relaxing sound of the cascading waves.

This beautiful waterfall is about 25 kilometers from Khagrachhari town. Visitors can take local buses, rental vehicles, or hired motorcyclists to access this natural wonder.

Wrap Up

We visited Khagrachori in 2018, and it left quite an impression on all of us. It was a group tour, and we planned Khagrachori from Rangamati. The Rangamati to Khagrachori route is quite picturesque. Find more about Rangamati in this post.

As we said goodbye to Khagrachori, the memories of its stunning waterfalls, tranquil lakes, and cultural beauty stayed with us. Please let me know in the comments about your own journey, what else did you find interesting there, and any feedback on this post. Cheers!

I was born to explore. 😊

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