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Nafakhum Waterfalls in Bandarban, Bangladesh

Bandarban: Places to Visit in the Hill Districts of Beautiful Bangladesh

Bandarban is one of the most scenic hill districts in Bangladesh, offering plenty of tourist and adventure spots. You can experience both relaxed and extreme trips in Bandarban, depending on your plans and the destinations of your choice.

In this post, I shortlist some of the most scenic places with the most scenic journeys that can give you lifetime experiences and memories to remember and cherish.

Sangu River

The Sangu River (also called the Shankho River) flows through Bandarban, adding to its scenic charm. This river is my favorite attraction across Bandarban. Visitors can indulge in boat rides along the river, offering serene moments and picturesque views of the hilly terrain.

This boat ride is probably the most scenic and soothing among all journeys in Bandarban. My favorite part is taking the boat ride from Thanchi Upazilla to Remakri. This distant village (Remakri) takes around 2.5 to 3 hours along the Sangu River. You have to rent a small boat (local name: Dingi) at Thanchi Bazar, which typically can accommodate 5–6 people, including the boat driver and his helper. One can enjoy large hill rocks that have fallen across the river; you can touch and take photos with these.


Nafakhum Waterfall

My second favorite place to visit in Bandarban is the Nafakhum waterfall. This majestic waterfall, located in the remote and scenic Nafakhum village, is one of the most scenic waterfalls in Bangladesh. It is an adventurous trek from Remakri to reach the falls, rewarding visitors with its stunning beauty.

Typically, hiking to the waterfall from the Remakri village takes two hours. You have to manage a guide the previous night, and he will wake you up before dawn and take you there. On the way, you have to cross the creek several times. So, taking a very good hiking sandal or boot is recommended.

Amiakhum and Velakhum Waterfalls

Amiakhum and Velakhum Waterfalls are among the lesser-explored natural gems in Bandarban. Amiakhum, with its serene surroundings, offers a tranquil atmosphere. Velakhum, the immediate upper stream of Amiakhum, is relatively smaller but equally picturesque and cascades down rocky cliffs, creating a serene ambiance amidst lush greenery.

You need to start your journey from Thanchi Bazar and rent a boat, just like if you were to visit Nafakhum. But this time, you must stop way before Remakri and hike for 6–10 hours (depending on the team’s fitness level) to reach another tribal village. Then you have to stay overnight in the village and start again in the early morning to get there at Amiakhum. If you have time, you can visit Velakhum by going towards the upper stream and taking the available bamboo rafts.

Nilgiri Hills

The Nilgiri Hills, standing tall at around 2,000 feet, offer breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The peak is often surrounded by mist, giving it a surreal appearance. Visitors can expect to experience a mesmerizing sunrise or sunset, making it a popular tourist spot for anyone visiting Bandarban.


Boga Lake

Boga Lake is a pristine natural lake surrounded by hills that amazes visitors with its serene ambiance. It is located at Ruma Upazilla. Surrounded by lush greenery and bordered by cliffs, it is an ideal spot for camping and trekking. Previously, people needed to hike most of the way. However, now transportation routes have become better, and you can take a jeep (local term “Chander Gari”) close to the lake.

Chimbuk Hill

Chimbuk Hill stands as the third-highest peak in Bangladesh. The hilltop provides an astounding view of the surrounding hills and valleys. With a winding road leading to the summit, the journey is as delightful as the view from the top.

Keokradong and Tajiodong

Keokradong used to be called the highest peak in Bangladesh, offering an exhilarating trekking experience for adventure enthusiasts. The trek to Keokradong usually begins from Boga Lake, passing through scenic trails and green forests. Tajiodong, adjacent to Keokradong, presents an equally stunning trekking journey with captivating views along the way.

Saka Hafong

Saka Hafong is renowned for its breathtaking hilltop viewpoint. Trekking to Saka Hafong rewards visitors with panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. As far as I heard from the adventure groups, the sunset and sunrise views from this vantage point are mesmerizing. Now, Saka Hafong is unofficially the highest peak in Bangladesh, according to the trekkers.

Alikadam-Thanchi Road and Dim Pahar

The Alikadam-Thanchi road, built through the stunning landscapes of Bandarban, offers a thrilling journey with breathtaking views of lush green hills and valleys. This road is entitled to be the highest road in Bangladesh.

Along this route, adventurers encounter the mesmerizing beauty of Dim Pahar, famously known as Egg Hill, where dawn and dusk unveil an extraordinary view of the horizon with ethereal colors. This road is quite popular among bikers.

Wrap Up

Apart from the above-mentioned spots, many other beautiful waterfalls, hills, and tourist spots exist. Here, I have shortlisted the most popular ones.

NafakhumKeokradongBoga Lake
Amiakhum-VelakhumTazing Dong (Bijay)Sangu River
Tinap SaitarSaka HaphongTindu Village
JadipaiKris TaungNilachal-Nilgiri
RijukMowdok TaungGolden Temple
Shoilo PropatChimbukThanchi Villages
Top Shortlisted Spots

Feel free to let me know if you have specific choices I should have added or talked about.

Until next time, cheers!

I was born to explore. 😊

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